Fund "Good deal"

The Fund for Social Assistance and Population Support "Dobroe Delo" was founded in 2014.

Main objectives of the activity:

1. Provision of social and material, consulting assistance to citizens in a difficult life situation.

2. Providing various assistance and support to the elderly, orphans and elderly citizens in the care of the state, the poor and those in need of care and other persons in need of assistance.

3. Providing support and material assistance to gifted socially unsecured students, schoolchildren, preschoolers.

The main target groups are:

1. Socially unprotected strata of the population.

2. People with disabilities.

3. Young people in need of additional support.

Main activities:

1. Development of charity programs and charitable activities.

2. Consolidation is the unification of efforts of various charitable organizations aimed at providing assistance and support to persons in need of assistance.

3. Development and implementation of projects that allow pooling the resources of large, medium and small businesses, the budget and individuals to develop charity and finance the social sphere.

4. Conducting charitable events, relying on the assistance of state and public organizations, creative unions, entrepreneurs, initiative groups of citizens.

5. Assistance in attracting attention to the problems of children, the elderly and poor citizens, who are in the custody of the state.


Geography of the activity: Ivanovo region




тел. +7 (930) 005-69-59