About the project

«Butterfly Flight» is a social project of the Good Deed Foundation, which received support in 2016 in the framework of «presidential» grants for non-commercial organizations through the competition of the Foundation for Support of Civic Activity in Small Towns and Rural Areas «Perspective».

As part of the project, we involve young people with disabilities living in cities and districts of Ivanovo areas in creative and business activities, we help them in mastering the skills of computer design and innovative creativity, as well as work on modern innovative equipment: laser machines, 3D-printers, etc. As a result, a business model of social entrepreneurship will be created, designed to stimulate social and economic activity of youth with disabilities, as well as contributing to their further employment or self-employment.

The project participants, 25 residents of the Ivanovo region aged 14 to 25 years with disabilities, undergo a course of learning the basics of digital design and create on their own home computers unique design layouts of bow ties using a software application created within the project.

Project participants can make the finished product, bow tie themselves: by printing them out on a 3D printer or by cutting them out on a laser machine. Equipment and materials for the project are provided by the Center for Innovative Youth Creativity (TsMIT) «Agency of Innovations».

The project participants receive remote access to the project’s Internet portal, learn the basics of Internet marketing and sell their products through an online store on the project portal. The selection of project participants will be held in conjunction with the charity program «Children of the Ivanovo Region» and the Education Department of the Ivanovo City Administration.

Software development, site, training courses and teaching materials will be carried out in conjunction with the Center for Technical Creativity «Novation». Following the motto of the project “Spreading wings, striving for a dream,” we plan to scale the project to other regions of Russia, contributing to the social adaptation of more young people with disabilities.


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